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Sitting on a luxurious ship in the middle of the Caribbean, I meet Mayra Taylor. MINI owner and travel agent extraordinaire! Over the next 10 days with my roomie on this amazing trip I learn all about her “love” LOLA the MINI Cooper. You see, Mayra is Puerto Rican. She does not just say “Lola”… its “LOOOLA” with that swagger and sass. I am in need of a new car and never forget my new friend’s passion for this little MINI.

Last fall I go to test drive a car and tell my husband about MINI Coopers. He is skeptical. They are so tiny! He is 6’4 and will never fit in this car. I go and test drive one. He gets in and says, “Holy Cow! What a fun car. You HAVE to get one.” Well, that is all he had to say. I keep going back to Flow MINI of Raleigh and just fall in LOVE with all the MINI’s. Finally, the day comes, and we agree on a trade in value for my car and my husband and I go to Flow MINI of Raleigh and pick out my car. While we are waiting in the lobby, I am staring dreamily at this beauty on the show room floor. Molten Silver with black top. 2020 Clubman S with black interior. I sit in it waiting for paperwork on the other MINI I had picked out thinking to myself, “Gee, next MINI is gonna be this one.” My husband walks over and sits in it, comfortably and says….”nope we want this one”. “What?”. I am giddy with happiness and the Sales Manager comes over to check in and walks away with a smile and shakes his head to redo the deal. “Henry, I want this one out the door the same as the other car”. We can do that….

The rest is history. I named my little zippy car “Benjamin” and I all him “Benny” for short. I just love my car and feel so safe in him! I find myself fearless getting on the freeway and having to zip in front of big semi’s or go around slow cars. Driving this car on curvy roads?... SO FUN! Mayra and I had an amazing experience driving the Dragon a few months ago. WOW… MINI’s are an amazing car. I was so proud of Benny.

Fast forward a year and Mayra and I now have a travel company called Two Girls and a MINI and we are getting set to embark on niche travel designed especially for the MINI Cooper lovers out there. We have taken our combined 50 years of travel experience and our LOVE for our MINI Coopers for to this next chapter. Our focus is going to start with unique custom curated MINI Cooper drives in Jamaica. These excursions will be available as an add on to your 5 Star Luxury Sandals Resort package. What fun this will be!

I cannot say enough how awesome it has been to be the owner of a MINI Cooper. The community MINI and my friendship with the best partner in the travel biz has opened so many possibilities. The memories we are already making are priceless and we cannot wait for the next MINI run and the opportunity to hang out with all our new friends and share the LOVE for these amazing cars!



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